Lauren Fitzgerald

Lauren FitzgeraldI began taking dance classes as a hobby while studying at university. Having always been attracted to dance, especially ballet, from a young age, I started off by taking beginner ballet classes. Quickly, I began to experiment with other styles, from Bollywood to Modern to Hip-Hop to Contemporary. But it was only when I started Contact Improvisation that I felt like I had opened up a door to a world of freedom through movement that made absolute intuitive sense to me. I was involved in the dance communities in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the California Bay Area before I moved to Berlin for work in 2017. After a year here, I finally committed to turn my hobby into something more and joined DIE ETAGE. I find dance not only to be a method of self-expression, but also a practice full of life lessons and I am happy to get the chance to focus on it now in school.