Jeanne Binet

Jeanne BinetI was born in France in 1992 and started practicing dance at a very young age, taking classes in ballet, modern jazz and contemporary dance. My interest to arts led me after high school to study Fine Arts. Presenting photography and video works exploring the topic of the body in movement, I completed a bachelor degree at Nîmes School of Fine Arts in 2014. After an Erasmus Semester in Dresden I moved to Berlin, and started involving myself more into dance. I took part in the 1-year education program from Seneca Intensiv „Bildungsjahr Tanz“, which confirmed my will to study dance professionally. I started my dance education at DIE ETAGE in October 2017.

My interest in dance, art and philosophy expresses itself through a constant questioning of my relationship to the body, to other people and to the world. Along with learning technique in dance, I am curious of the multiples approaches possible of body expression work, and often take classes or workshops in improvisation techniques, urban dances or butoh.

Being interested in creation and choreography, I was part of different projects that led me to perform many times on stage, being part of group choreographic processes or creating solo works.