Dezember 2018

Sa01Dez20:00EmpfohlenBelEtage - Open Stage Vol. 220:00 10969 Berlin Ritterstrasse 12-14Terminkategorie:Veranstaltung Akrobatik-Artistik,Veranstaltung Malerei-Bühnenbild,Veranstaltung Musical,Veranstaltung Physical Theater,Veranstaltung Schauspiel,Veranstaltung Tanz



01.12.2018 In Theater Die Etage. At 20:00 h

A solo performance from Irina Andreeva, Teatr novogo Fronta TNF/Prague.

My friend died. In India. Suddenly, because of the heart attack. We became closer the last year before hisdeath. I knew everything he was experiencing. He was going through a major transformation as if he was getting ready for something. Hereby this performance, I accompany him and wish him a happy journey and a lot of strength.

Irina Andreeva

Through movement, music and light Irina Andreeva expresses intense mood changes that take part in development of human’s stratified personality through the force of the impact on human and timing in the context of human’s life. The video projection enable the main character to lead dialogue and fight with his own demons.

Concept: Irina Andreeva
Assistant director: Alesh Janák
Visual cooperation: Jan Mocek
Cast: Irina Andreeva


(Samstag) 20:00



10969 Berlin Ritterstrasse 12-14

Die ETAGE10969 Berlin Ritterstrasse 12-14