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Mobility of the artists

Project duration 1.6.2019-31.5.2021

PROJECTNUMBER: 2019-1-DE02-KA102-005544

Mobility is an integral part of the working lives of many artists and other cultural workers in Europe. The circulation of artists and their work, crossing national boundaries creates more creativity, new impulses, an expanded audience, and increasing employment opportunities. Mobility is an essential element in a process chain that consists of education / training, creativity, creation and production.

Therefore, the DIE ETAGE initiated this mobility project to actively promote its international profile

Our goals in the field of European mobility and cooperation are:

  • Applying and deepening the professional competences
  • Development and deepening of social and personal competences,
  • Development and understanding of the culture of the destination country, and European topics
  • New impulses in teaching and learning techniques, experience and exchange with educational staff in the host country
  • Gaining experience in EU projects, expansion of the network, new impulses for school development,

30 students and 18 lecturers from different departments of  the DIE ETAGE will come together with our partners in Prague, Brussels and Budapest and produce a performance.

The main learning outcoms will be

  • mixing different genres = alternative art, visual arts, puppet theater with music and dance;
  • to use dramaturgical constructs to develop a theme inspired by the fine arts, music, architecture, theater, literature etc
  • to combine technical knowledge, creativity and production