Duration of study

The education program at the School of Mime and Physical Theater lasts three years and consists of three one-year modules.

The art of physical theater and pantomime (literally: “imitating everything”) dates back to the pre-Christian era. Mime and pantomime are based on the expressivity of the human body and body language as an art form. Conditions, events, spaces, objects, relationships and even stage partners are brought to life and made ” visible” to the audience by means of body language and facial expression. In addition to instruction in the techniques of classic and modern pantomime, the study program has as its goal to impart the knowledge of non-verbal theater techniques and to develop the student’s individual means of expression. At the end of three years, graduates are able to work in ensembles or develop and produce their own solo pieces.


Applicants to the School of Mime and Physical Theater will be tested on flexibility, coordination and strength. The teachers set great store by imagination, enthusiasm and artistic expression. Applicants must prepare a 5-minute solo piece of their own creation. Further exercises and improvisation tasks will be given during the audition. All applicants will receive feedback on their level of performance at the end of the audition.

Key course elements

The study program at the School of Mime and Physical Theater consists of three phases: In the first phase, the focus is on learning the physical and mental fundamentals of mime/pantomime, and on simple improvisation tasks. In the second phase, the students begin to build a repertoire of technique and interpretation of classical mime/pantomime and physical theater, by means of group and solo work. Complementing the course of study, different forms of mime/pantomime, e.g. mime corporel or contemporary non-verbal theater, are also offered. Project work is the focus of the third phase of the education. Here, the individual language of physical expression, and the appropriate artistic form for each student, are developed to a professional level.

Subsidiary subjects

  • Classical dance
  • Modern and contemporary dance
  • Acrobatics
  • Acting
  • Commedia dell’Arte
  • Mask
  • Anatomy
  • Clown
  • Cultural history
  • Civics

Cost of study

A monthly tuition of 380,- EUR will be charged for the education program at the School of Mime and Physical Theater. Furthermore, a deposit in the amount of one month’s tuition is required at the beginning of the program. This deposit will be balanced against the final tuition payment, or will be refunded.

The ETAGE is recognized as a vocational school according to the Federal Education Promotion Act (BAföG), which means that students at the ETAGE may apply for government assistance. With the student I.D. from the ETAGE, students are eligible for certain discounts, e.g. for public transportation.

Parents or legal guardians of students are eligible for child benefits. Tuition payments are tax deductible.