Duration of study

The education program at the Musical School lasts three years and consists of three one-year modules.

Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart –  in recent years practically every major city in Germany has built its own musical theater. The study program at the Musical School of the ETAGE is geared towards satisfying the high demands which this genre makes on young artists. The program includes singing, dance and acting, in individual and groups lessons.

The skills acquired in separate disciplines are brought together into one performative entity in six-month project ateliers, allowing the students to gain valuable stage experience.

Interdisciplinary lessons in the subsidiary subjects round out the program. Starting in the first year, students receive instruction in ensemble and solo singing; from the second year on, correpetition is added to the schedule.


Elementary disciplines of the study program at the Musical School will be tested in the audition. The audition is comprised of three parts:

  • Dance: applicants will take a dance class (ballet/jazz) followed by learning and rehearsing a jazz choreography. Pleas wear form-fitting clothing for this part of the audition.
  • Singing: applicants must prepare two musical songs, one in German and one in English. Please bring sheet music for the accompanist.
  • Acting: please prepare one classical and one modern monologue. The scenes should not be longer than 3-5 minutes.

Key course elements

Auditory and vocal training, dance techniques with an emphasis on ballet and jazz dance, and the fundamentals of acting are the main subjects in the first two semesters of the study program. From the third semesteron, this is expanded to include scenic and choreographic studies. The intermediary examination is held at the end of the third semester. The emphasis in the main study course is on building an individual repertoire. At the end of the three-year program, final examinations following state-certified criteria are held. Friends and family, agents and theater superintendents are invited tothe graduation performances.

Primary subjects: – singing – acting – jazz dance – ballet – modern dance – tap – song & dance – musical ateliers

Subsidiary subjects

  • Speech training
  • Correpetition
  • Choral singin
  • Music theory
  • Acrobatics
  • Make-up
  • Pantomime
  • Anatomy
  • Cultural history
  • Civics

Costs of study

The monthly tuition for the education program at the Musical School of the ETAGE is 490,- EUR in the 1st and 2nd semester, and 540,- EUR for the 3rd – 6th semester. A deposit of 490,- EUR is required qt the beginning of the program. This deposit will be balanced against the final tuition payment, or will be refunded.

The ETAGE is recognized as a vocational school according to the Federal Education Promotion Act (BAföG), which means that students at the ETAGE may apply for government assisstance. With the student I.D. from the ETAGE, students are eligible for certain discounts, e.g. for public transportation.

Parents or legal guardians of students may be eligible for child benefits. Tuition payments are tax deductible.