Duration of study

The education program at the School of Painting and Stage Design lasts three years and consists of three one-year modules.

The goal of the program is to develop and promote autonomous and versatile artistic personalities. Graduates  of the ETAGE are able to handle applied tasks in painting, drawing and graphic design at a professional level. By the end of the education program, students will have a confident command of various stylistic means, and will have found their own individual pictorial imagination and means of expression.

Key course elements

In the first phase of the education program, the subjects of both practical and theoretical lessons are basic techniques of drawing and painting, as well as the artistic-esthetic nomenclature. Building upon this foundation, the second phase of the program concentrates on the examination of more experimental forms of expression, and the ability to judge their effects upon viewers. Complex tasks will be carried out, from the first concept to the finished work. Experiments with free painting have, as theirprimary purpose, the development of individual style and the discovery of the student’s personal artistic signature, above and beyond purely technical ability. All students participate with a selection of their works in single or group exhibitions on the premises of the ETAGE.

Subsidiary subjects

  • Stage design
  • Painting technique
  • Nude drawing
  • Anatomy
  • Composition
  • Art history
  • Theoryof color
  • Cultural history
  • Civics

Entrance examinations

Applicants must submit a portfolio of their own work using various materials. The teacher will set tasks to be carried out during the examination. A decision on acceptance into the study program will be made on the basis of the quality of both the work submitted and the work created during the examination. Special importance is attached to drawing technique and figurative representation. All participants will receive feedback as to their level of accomplishment at the end of the examination.

Cost of education

A monthly tuition of 365,- EUR will be charged for the education program at the School of Painting and Stage Design. Furthermore, at the beginning of the program a deposit in the amount of one month’s tuition is required. This deposit will be balanced against the final tuition payment, or be refunded.

The ETAGE is recognized as a vocational school in accordance with the Federal Education Promotion Act (BAföG), which means that students at the ETAGE may apply for government assistance. With the student I.D. from the ETAGE, students are eligible for certain discounts, e.g. for public transportation.

Parents or legal guardians of students are eligible for child benefits. Tuition payments are tax deductible.