Bachelor Study Program

In cooperation with the Europäischen Bildungswerk für Beruf und Gesellschaft (European Vocational & Societal Education Institution) and the Steinbeis Institute, the Etage will offer a bachelor study program. This program can be absolved parallel to the artistic education program at the Etage.

Course begins: in planning 2019.

Universal Performer

A special educational program financed by the Arbeitsamt and JobCenter!

Life as an artist means meeting a series of challenges. One of those challenges is the time “between engagements.” Sometimes, if those times last too long, one must accept the help of the Arbeitsamt or JobCenter.

During this time, however, one can continue to train and develop one’s skills, and the Arbeitsamt or JobCenter will pick up the tab!

Universal Performer is a special additional qualification for artists looking to increase their versatility in a field of their choice – circus arts, musical, dance, acting or mime. Because coaching and instruction in marketing are part of this unique program, it also helps artists to claim their places long-term on the national and international markets.

Duration: 11 months full-time
Costs: will be carried by the Arbeitsamt or JobCenter.
Certicate: issued by the Europäischen Bildungswerk, internationally recognized.
Theory classes: will be held at the Europäischen Bildungswerk für Beruf und Gesellschaft, Alte Jakobstr. 79/80 in 10179 Berlin.
Practical classes: will be held at the Etage, Ritterstr. 12-14 in 10969 Berlin.
Course begins: individual starting dates are possible.

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